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Last Chance For Current Spa Filter Pricing

Starting January 1, 2015, both FedEx and UPS are switching over to a dimensional pricing model instead of the current price by weight system on all box sizes.  Previously, dimensional pricing only kicked in on boxes that exceeded 3 cubic feet which is pretty big.

What does this mean for you and America’s SPA-MART?  Unfortunately, we will have to raise our prices on items that don’t weigh a whole lot yet need to ship in a larger box.  This primarily means the filters for pools, spas and hot tubs that we sell.  The increases will vary due to filters being different sizes, however one thing is certain.  Prices are going up soon.

With that being said, we encourage you to stock up and beat the price increase.  We are fully stocked and ready to serve you.  We appreciate your loyal patronage with your pool and spa supply business and we wanted to give you a head’s up before the increase goes into effect.

Stock Up On Filters At 2014 Prices