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Freshwater Ag+ and Tri-X Filters

Attention Hot Spring, Tiger River and Hot Spot Spa Owners:  We’ve got two of the most popular genuine Watkins replacement supplies for you!  Now you can find the Freshwater Ag+ Cartridge and Tri-X filters right here at America’s SPA-MART.

Freshwater Ag+ Continuous Silver Ion Sanitizer

Most owners of one of these tubs knows that the Freshwater Ag+ Continuous Silver Ion Sanitizer is a great way to get your water clean and clear while reducing the need to add as much chlorine to your hot tub.  We can hardly keep these in stock, so we know you love them.

If you’re unaware of this product, it introduces silver ions into the water that inhibit bacteria growth.  When installed, the Freshwater Ag+ cartridge charges the water with its ions with a charge that lasts 3-4 months depending on how often you use your tub. Prices start at $27.95 for this must-have product, but you can get yours as low $24.60 when you buy some extras for your buddies or just to put on the shelf and save for later.

Hot Spring Tri-X FiltersTri-X Filters for Watkins manufactured tubs are another great way to get the maximum value from your magnificently-engineered hot tub.  The genuine Hot Spring-brand Tri-X filter is three-dimensional. Traditional filters rely upon the paper media to catch particulates in a single pass. The Tri-X filter not only filters by using the element’s surface area, it also uses the media’s depth (third dimension). Because it filters by depth rather than just surface filtration, Tri-X filters ten times more gallons per square foot than other filters and it provides over twice (65 sq. ft.) the filtration area of a standard (30 sq. ft.) filter. The Tri-X filter is made to last at least 5 years!
This filter works in any spa that takes the #71825 Hot Spring Filter (Unicel C-6430/Pleatco PWK30). Hot Spot Round & Square 1998+ #31489; Grandee, Highlife, Classic 1990+, Sovereign 1991+, Prodigy 1990+, Jetsetter 1990+, Landmark, Summit.

Overall Diameter: 6″
Inner Diameter: 1 15/16″
Length: 10 1/2″

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