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Welcome to our blog and most importantly, welcome to our SPA-MART community!

We hope you find the articles we post helpful, educational, and sometimes a little entertaining.  Obviously, our ultimate goal as a business is to sell you stuff for your hot tub.  However, our aim here is to provide information that makes you want to come back day after day.

In addition to information on the best of our featured products, you’re going to find industry news and helpful articles pertaining to owning and maintaining your spa.  In addition to our social media outlets, this blog is the place to be the first to find out about our seasonal sales, clearance blowouts, and promotional coupon codes.  To be frank, we want a vibrant community of hot tub owners participating here so we are going to save our best promotions for our blog readers.

We’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoy being part of our community.